Fjellinjen AS
Oslo, Norway

Customer support for Norway's largest road toll company. 20 employees engaged in total. Personnel are trained, dedicated, highly-educated, Norwegian & English (spoken & written)

Financial administration: factoring, matching payments

Agder Bomdrift AS
Kristiansand, Norway

Data processing: control and detection of cars transiting toll stations in Kristiansand, Aust-Agder, Setesdalen and Lister. Monthly average processing of approx. 400,000 images. Additional service provided via confirmation of already processed images before final delivery to customer.  Average engagement, depending on the season: 4-10 operators. 


Subcontract of SourceIT AS Kristiansand, Norway

Technical surveillance of 2 central stations in the Trondheim, Norway region. Delivered daily error monitoring reports, covering software, cameras, and station equipment. 

Sipeso AS
Risor, Norway

Comprehensive project designed to provide endusers accurate summation of shipping costs at world ports. Components included web search, data processing information, and implementing valid information in the web app. Other aspects covered included the creation of crating algorithms, as well as quality control of all delivered components. 


Subcontract of SourceIT AS
Kristiansand, Norway

Data processing: performing the final-step control of unprocessable and rejected images of cars as they pass toll stations. Recognition of vehicles by model and year of production, filling missing data, and ultimately determining the billable entity. 

Dorteknikk, Pragma AS, Seamless AS, Yapp AS, SourceIT AS

Assorted development projects, from 2004 to the present. Technologies used: .NET, MS SQL, HTML5,  PHP, MySQL, Java, JavaScript


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