Data Processing

Senor processes and handles large amounts of data for multiple customers. This includes everything from simple data entry to more complex data conversion.

An example of our data processing capability is the electronic tolling projects we have been running for our Norwegian partners since 2010. In Norway, cameras and automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) software do all of the toll road management. No automated system is perfect; sometimes, images are unclear and must be processed manually. This is done by our specialized team, and performed in three phases:

  1. Receiving and cataloging pictures from our client’s server;
  2. Categorizing the pictures (domestic, foreign, cars, trucks, etc.), in the process removing unreadable pictures and processing readable ones; and
  3. Reporting back the processed pictures, via our server.

Since 2014, we’ve added another team that remotely monitors the cameras and recognition software 365 days a year and reports any faults to our client, who is then able to provide immediate attention to the issue.

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