How We Do It

Senor is processing and handling large amounts of data for several customers on a daily basis. This includes everything from simple data entry to more complex data conversion.

An example of our data processing capability is the electronic tolling projects we have been running for our Norwegian partners since 2010.

In Norway, cameras and specialized license plate recognition software do all of the highway regulation. The problem occurs when the system cannot process the information captured. Most of the pictures are clear and able to be automatically processed, but still parts of the data cannot be handled by automated recognition and needs manual processing.

This is done by our specialized team, and performed in three phases:
– receiving and cataloging pictures from our client’s server
– categorizing the pictures (domestic, foreign, cars, trucks etc…) removing unreadable pictures and processing readable ones
– reporting back the processed pictures, via our server.

Today, we have a pool of resources that counts up to 30 trained picture-handling agents.

Since 2014, we have added another team that remotely monitors the cameras and recognition software and report immediate any faulty operations to our client who will then be able to organize their swift repair. This is done 365 days a year.

A more complex data processing contract was concluded with a larger Norwegian public company in 2015. Two teams of 12 fully dedicated agents are currently working on customer support and invoice control of several hundreds of million NOK annually.

We manage our resources in a very nimble way. This means we can quickly upscale resource if and when needed. In the case of our Norwegian projects, we are able to quickly increase our operator numbers during in their peak season, when the number of cars passing their tolling cameras increases by over 50%.

We encourage regular, transparent reviews with our clients to ensure the on-going quality of our services. Senor is a Multi-language company providing services in Serbian, Norwegian and English.